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Using cutting edge lithium phosphate cells and lithium titanate technology, our product range delivers leading life cycles and excellent warranties. Their long life means that every kilowatt stored is cheaper than other battery storage solutions on the market.

All Catch Energy solutions operate worldwide and are available for on grid and off grid situations. They offer exceptional safety and are scalable, allowing you to create the right storage size to meet the needs of your home.

Catch Energy are proud to introduce the most versatile and longest lasting storage solutions on the market.

Catch Eco

Available in 2, 3 and 5kWh units our Eco range take the best lithium ion phosphate battery cells combined with an intelligent BMS to create a leading solution at a price to make you happy!

With 10,000 life cycles, indoor and outdoor models and either a paired inverter or a choice of leading brands, this is a versatile and very economic storage solution.

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Power Stack

Individual blocks of 750 Wh simply fit together to form a stack size that best fits your home.

Lightweight with no wires to connect between storage units, installation is quick and easy.  Designed to fit into small spaces.

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The Power Tower will fit close to the wall so each panel takes up minimal space whether you choose to fit inside or outside. These 750Wh modules can be combined to create a solution that works just for you.

Our patented Titan X product fits under a solar panel and is designed for use with new solar+storage installations.

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Key features and benefits

The market’s safest cell technology

With cell structures that naturally prevent thermal runaways and controlled operating temperatures, our range is safe for anywhere in the home.

Lowest lifetime cost on the market

Our cells boast the longest life expectancy, which means the cost per stored kilowatt of energy is much lower than other products.

Flexible, modular, scalable system

These batteries are small and light enough to fit in lofts and basements and can combined into larger systems so your energy profile can be matched to the correct amount of storage.

Peace of mind

With 10,000 and 20,000 cycle warranties and no maintenance, our storage solutions will last alongside your solar array optimising your savings for many years.

Compatible with leading inverters

Allowing for a custom solution ensuring you get the most out of your battery to enhance savings and achieve faster paybacks on new installs or retrofit, on or off-grid.

Ultimate efficiency

Our cells charge and discharge quickly and can do this more than once per day if required. Unlike other storage systems our system maintains efficiency even when multi cycled.

Supports savings

Shrinks bills by storing either self-generated energy from your solar array or off-peak grid energy for use at peak times or when required, getting the highest returns.

Green and sustainable

Storing excess energy from your solar array helps to reduce carbon emissions as you are using all your generated power rather than taking more from the grid when the sun goes in.

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About Catch Energy

Catch Energy specialises in identifying, sourcing and optimising innovative emerging technologies to provide high-performance energy storage solutions for residential and commercial installations worldwide. Our aim is to bring better energy storage to the world that is sized and developed with you, the user, in mind.

For us, it’s about going beyond the battery, and combining best-of-breed components with ingenuity and practicality to create solutions that really work. Easy to install and modify, our solutions include everything you need to take control of your energy. We offer safe, reliable around the clock energy – anywhere and everywhere!

David Collett

“Catch Energy brings to the market more versatile home energy systems for those looking for longer term solutions. Representing the best life-cycles in the market our storage solutions can last as long as your solar panels, add value to your home and assist in lowering energy bills further than solar alone."

Richard Lindley
Finance Director

"We have created a system that will fit into even the smallest areas of a home, such as a loft or cupboard. A further enhanced range includes a selection of lower cost units from 2kWh. We believe we have the only systems with a life expectancy that exceeds payback! To make the most of energy storage it should be sized correctly to ensure there is no wastage. This is why we offer smaller modules perfect for custom sizing."

Andrew Cromarty
CEO Australia

"In Australia and the Pacific we have huge areas off-grid so our product’s modularity and ability to match with inverters designed for tough environments makes it much easier to create the right solution. Unlike many competitors, our batteries can operate just as effectively at high temperatures to ensure you make the most out of your system."

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